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Peck Jr./Sr. High School - Friday, September 19, 2014
There is a Mock Rock sign up in Ms. Robinet's room for anyone interested in doing a dance or lip-singing to their choice of song.

There is a guest sign up sheet in the office for anyone wishing to bring a guest to the Homecoming Dance, they must be under 21 and have a guest pass filled out and turned in before October 10th.

Seniors sign up outside Miss D's door to meet with Northwood and Central Michigan University. They will be here this week. You must be signed up to attend.

Juniors and Seniors - College Night well be held October 20th from 6:30-8 pm at Sandusky High School.

Play auditions are tomorrow from 6-7:30 pm.

Congratulations to the Varsity Football Team for their win over Dryden Friday night!  

2014 Sanilac Career Center Art Show Winners Minimize

Congratulations to these Peck students who were the top three artists at the Sanilac Career Center's annual art show that was held last week.  Justin Schneidewind won "Best of Show" honors while Kaylee Ruthruff and Bailey Sell grabbed the "Spotlight" award. 

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Key strategies for tablet success
It seems tablets are in more classrooms, in more districts, each day. But as experience shows, simply purchasing and distributing tablets doesn't mean students will be more engaged with their learning, and it doesn't guarantee teachers will embrace tech-enabled instruction. Implementing tablets and leveraging the tools to support teaching and learning goals might be easier with the right approach, according to with Doug Fisher, professor of educational leadership at San Diego State University and teacher leader at Health Sciences High; Nancy Frey, professor of educational leadership at San Diego State University and teacher leader at Health Sciences High; and Alex Gonzales, technology leader at Health Sciences High. These three educators have devised a model they call the gradual release of responsibility (GRR) model, which imparts both instructional strategies and technology tips for educators planning for, deploying, and integrating tablets into classrooms. (Next page: The GRR model in action) “The very first question we asked ourselves years ago when tablets came out was, ‘Does this belong in the classroom?’ That's a really important question to ask,” Gonzales said during an edWeb webinar on integrating tablets with effective instruction. “We quickly noticed the influence that the tablet had on teachers’ learning environments—choice is key in bringing in this device,” he added. “How do you want to interact with this device and its content?” “This still begs the question about whether it belongs in the classroom, how we're ready to use it, and how it might change education,” Frey said. “It is still evolving—we have no doubt that we will continue to shape how it is that we use tablets.” Frey said a number of reports released over recent years have focused on how tablets are changing instruction, including a Pew study on the impact of digital tools and writing instruction. Half of the teachers surveyed in the study said digital technologies make writing instruction easier. The Joan Ganz Cooney Center's 2014 study on families' use of educational media revealed that parents believe digital tools have helped their children with cognitive skills, math, and reading and vocabulary. The study also revealed that parents believe there is benefit in giving devices to young children. “This is going to fundamentally change what education looks like, even in the earliest grades,” Frey said. Gonzales said Health Sciences High focused on staff development to determine how teachers would use the tablets to improve teaching and learning. "We didn't roll carts into the classroom ... we handed out iPads to each teacher first. The tablet has an incredible way of becoming something personal, and when you have something personal, you learn how to use it, you play with it, you tinker with it," he said. After teachers used the tablets for a semester, they met to discuss what they learned, what they could share. "When you start to build that internal community of professional development, everybody in the community can be an expert and share information back and forth,” he said. “The key thing was to find a purpose ... let's get past the novelty of it, and that has been key in our classroom integration of the tablet. The device itself is not going to make you a better teacher--it's how we introduce it into the classroom that's going to make an impact.”
Teachers and social media: trekking on treacherous terrain
Social media has pros and cons when the classroom is involved When news broke last month that Newark teacher Krista Hodges used Twitter to express her desire to stab some of her students and pour hot coffee on them, the questions arose quickly: Aren&#8217;t there rules about that? Why wasn&#8217;t she fired? The answer is<a href="http://www.eschoolnews.com/2014/09/22/teachers-social-media-843/">&#160;&#160;[ Read More ]</a>
7 resources for student collaboration
Collaboration is increasingly emerging as one of today's top skills. Part of the 4Cs, it is needed in K-12 classrooms, in higher education, and in the workforce. Students who leverage technology to build collaboration skills are building strong college- and career-ready skills. More and more classrooms are going mobile, whether that is through school-issued laptops or tablets, or via BYOD initiatives that allow students to bring and use their personal mobile devices in school. However collaboration is accomplished, it's evident that mobile collaboration tools are as important as ever. Here, we've listed a number of free and fee-based collaborative tools and apps, along with developer-provided descriptions, for students to use as they develop collaboration skills in and out of school. This is just a small sample of collaborative tools, and if you have a favorite that is not listed, please let us know in the comments section below. (Next page: Collaboration tools for students) Scoodle Jam Challenge curious minds with an engaging, collaborative, Common Core-aligned product for school and home. Scoodle Jam marries powerful creation tools with imaginative content that supports critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity, turning your iPad into a flexible learning environment. Drawp for School This creativity tool offers built-in sharing, cloud storage, and workflow management. The tool also features a family edition, which educators could use to strengthen home-school connections. Mind42 Mind42 allows you to manage all your ideas, whether alone, twosome or working together with the whole world. Mind42 runs in your browser, so no installation necessary for the ultimate hassle-free mind mapping experience. Just open your browser and launch the application whenever and wherever needed.
What students really think about learning online
After recently posting two blog pieces about being an online teacher, I realized something was missing from the conversation: the voice of the students actually taking the digital classes. So I polled my German language students, asking one simple question: “What do you like most about learning German online?”
Survey finds gender gaps in school IT leadership
While women who occupy leadership positions in school technology are better educated and have more experience, on average, than their male colleagues, men in the school IT field generally earn more money and hold more prestigious job titles: This is the main takeaway from an analysis of IT leadership in K-12 education by gender.
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