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Announcements - Monday, April 20, 2015
There will be an NHS meeting during seminar today in Mrs. Prouse’s room.
There is a blood drive tomorrow. Please sign up in the office and pick up a parent permission packet. 
Maier Driver Education School will be offering driver’s training at the school beginning May 4th. Segment 1 is $285, segment 2 is $45. There are flyers in the office with more information.
Prom tickets will be sold during lunch Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Single is $40, couple is $70.
Need help in math??? Mrs. Gordon will be holding a “Math Lab” on Tuesdays and Thursdays in her room from 3:15-4:00. See her for more information.
Happy Birthday to Bowen Vargo!

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Calimari? - Friday, February 06, 2015 - Friday, February 06, 2015
If you thought you smelled Calimari Friday, you were close.  It was Mr. Sarnac's Science classes dissecting squid.  The aroma was wonderful and the kids learned a lot.
And if you were wondering, Squidward was not harmed.


This Year's First Impression Winners - Tuesday, December 09, 2014
Congratulations to this year's First Impression winners.  Peck had more students place than any other school in the county! Great Job!

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Mr. Sarnac's class learns how salt affects the freezing temperature of ice as they make freezer bag ice cream.  Just like we use salt on icy roads in the winter, salt mixed with ice in this case also causes the ice to melt. When salt comes into contact with ice, the freezing point of the ice is lowered. The lowering of the freezing point depends on the amount of salt added. The more salt added, the lower the temperature will be before the salt-water solution freezes. For example, water will normally freeze at 32 degrees F. A 10% salt solution freezes at 20 degrees F, and a 20% solution freezes at 2 degrees F. When salt is added to the ice (or snow), some of the ice melts because the freezing point is lowered. Always remember that heat must be absorbed by the ice for it to melt. The heat that causes the melting comes from the surroundings (the warmer cream mixture). By lowering the temperature at which ice is frozen, you were able to create an environment in which the cream mixture could freeze at a temperature below 32 degrees F into ice cream. - See more at: http://www.stevespanglerscience.com/lab/experiments/homemade-ice-cream-sick-science#sthash.pjAAEvOA.dpuf

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S.C. streamlines special education processes
Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), states are required to collect and report data on a number of indicators concerning special education. Gathering this data is often costly and time-consuming. To streamline special education program management for both state and district personnel, the South Carolina Department of Education has partnered with Excent Corp. to implement Enrich State. Enrich State's special education data management system is designed specifically for the state level. With the configuration and implementation process nearly complete, South Carolina school districts will soon take advantage of productivity-enhancing features that will help them fulfill their responsibilities to the Department of Education with less hassle. “Enrich State will enable us to streamline the processes we use in special education in South Carolina,” said John R. Payne, director of the Office of Special Education Services for the South Carolina Department of Education. “This minimizes duplication of effort and saves money and time.” Enrich State is a one-stop system that will allow district and state special education personnel to manage all IDEA and state-level compliance requirements, and to consolidate important performance data. To help the South Carolina Department of Education make the most of their existing resources at the state and district levels, Enrich State receives data directly from LEA-level Individualized Education Program (IEP) software and student information systems. Enrich State then helps districts and the Department meet extensive IDEA reporting requirements, including results-driven accountability needs. “Enrich is a process-based system, as opposed to a form-based system. Using Enrich State, districts and the Department will be able to better ensure procedural compliance,” said Payne. “This will enable us to conduct our work more smoothly and efficiently, leaving more time to focus on our students—the most important part of what we do every day.”
District launches cloud Wi-Fi to support BYOD
ADTRAN is partnering with Calhoun County Schools to deploy district-wide, high-speed Wi-Fi to support the district's Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program. This initiative is enabling teachers to incorporate new tools into their curriculum that will allow students in Calhoun County Schools to compete more effectively in today’s data-driven economy. As part of its Enabling Communities, Connecting Lives program, ADTRAN is helping more than 9,300 students, teachers and administrators in Calhoun County create an environment that stimulates a passion for learning and provides an opportunity to reach maximum potential. The K-12 school district in Northeast Alabama leveraged ADTRAN ProCloudSM managed service to connect 16 schools, a technical career center, athletic fields and four administrative offices onto a single high-performance wireless network. Calhoun County Schools are significantly simplifying IT operations by offloading the management of the Wi-Fi network to create a strong foundation for its BYOD program and facilitate the use of iPads and Apple TVs in every classroom. When launching its BYOD program, Calhoun County Schools required a Wi-Fi solution that could guarantee service turn-up across the district within a couple of weeks, yet provide reliable, high capacity connectivity. By adopting a managed service model, Calhoun County Schools met these goals while offloading critical network management functions to ADTRAN. The service is supported by ADTRAN’s hosting infrastructure which provides 24/7 management, freeing Calhoun County Schools’ internal IT staff to focus on other critical tasks. “ADTRAN provided us with world-class support from start to finish, which allowed us to maximize our budget while accelerating the deployment of scalable, high-bandwidth Wi-Fi county-wide,” said Jenel Travis, IT director for Calhoun County Schools. “Students are really excited about the high-speed connectivity and educational tech tools they can now leverage as a result of the new network.” “We are proud to collaborate and partner with ADTRAN as we continue to progress and drive innovation into Calhoun County Schools,” said Joe Dyar, superintendent for Calhoun County Schools. According to e.Republic, a research organization focused exclusively on education and state and local government, 78 percent of students and 83 percent of faculty and staff are already using personal devices on K-12 campus networks across the nation. That demand on the network combined with a growing number of Common Core and State Standards that require students to have familiarity with digital content can result in a challenging network environment for IT staff. Managed solutions like ADTRAN ProCloud service make it easier for these school systems to boost wireless network capacity while providing exceptional curriculum and education.
These students are using PBL to define their own learning
Project-based learning enhances and accelerates curriculum in this classroom If you’re doing it right, most project-based learning will hit every area of the curriculum, whether it’s social studies, math, reading, or even technology. Any part of the curriculum can shine whenever kids are taking a hands-on approach to learning, because they’re not just sitting at<a href="http://www.eschoolnews.com/2015/04/21/pbl-define-learning-350/">&#160;&#160;[ Read More ]</a>
NetSupport launches teacher app
NetSupport has expanded its classroom management solution's reach to Android-equipped classrooms, meaning both teacher and student can interact in real time via their tablets. NetSupport School focuses on traditional classroom management, monitoring and e-safety features by providing a range of best practice teaching tools to help with classroom orchestration, collaboration and student assessment. Of equal importance in the modern learning environment is the ability for any solution to support the varied mix of platforms and devices now in use. Over the last 25 years, NetSupport School has evolved from just a Windows-based solution to one that also supports Mac, Linux, Chrome OS and both Android and iOS tablets. The new app comes loaded with NetSupport School's core classroom management functionality, including: view thumbnails of all student tablets for a real-time view of the classroom; for more detailed monitoring, view a selected student's device; conduct instant student and peer assessment and interactive questioning with Question &#38; Answer mode; send files to a selected student or multiple student devices in a single action; chat with and send messages to the class; lock and blank student screens to ensure focus when presenting; remotely launch a selected website on student devices; give students instant visual rewards to recognise good work or behaviour. Commenting on the latest update, NetSupport's Managing Director Al Kingsley said: "Many schools are now using tablet technology to good effect, either through their own investment or the introduction of BYOD initiatives. Given the typical student's enthusiasm for the latest technology, there's no doubting the positive impact tablets can have on learning. Albeit, the usual caveat applies in terms of the devices being used appropriately during lessons! Backed by our new App, teachers now have NetSupport's tried and trusted management and monitoring tools available to them on their own tablet to ensure they achieve the required outcomes in a fully Android- based classroom." Both the NetSupport School Tutor and Student apps for Android are available for download from Google Play and, for Kindle Fire users, on the Amazon App Store.
WIN Learning, Nepris partner on curriculum, readiness
WIN Learning, developers of the WIN Career Readiness System, and Nepris, a cloud-based platform connecting STEAM (science, technology, engineering, performing arts and math) professionals with teachers and their students, announced they have entered into a strategic partnership to provide students with opportunities to connect the knowledge and skills they learn in school to the real world. The cloud-based Nepris platform connects professionals to classrooms for online, interactive discussions covering the spectrum of STEAM careers, for mentoring or to evaluate student work. By managing the end-to-end process of identifying, matching, and virtually bringing the industry expert into the classroom for an interactive discussion, Nepris allows professionals and companies to manageably and effectively reach out and interact with teachers and their students. The award winning WIN Learning Career Readiness System offers comprehensive career exploration and planning complete with career readiness foundational, academic, and employability skills support. More than 10 million students currently use the WIN system worldwide. “When we help students understand how their school work is related to their futures, we personalize learning. When we provide students with opportunities to apply that learning and use the acquired skills for reasons beyond passing a test or getting a good grade, we inspire them to think about life beyond the classroom,” said Teresa Chasteen, CEO of WIN Learning. “That’s what this partnership is designed to do.” The first stage of the partnership will focus on connecting teachers who are using the recently launched WIN Math program with Nepris’ industry professionals.
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